Impossible – Just a word.

Walking out of a dark alley, my senses deprived me as I was being pulled into a stagnant era where I found myself to be standing alone and alone and the vast city laid infront of me. I noticed something, the city! I observed my city in a way I never observed before. Millions of car; white and blue and black, stretched out in the road, some parked, some running into oblivion. The buses, the windows; some closed while some open engulfed the warm air. The lights captured by the rotund glass stood in long poles in the middle of street illuminated the whole area, neon lights glowed in the advertisement board making every letter vivid attached to the edifice. The tall colored buildings hold themselves and stood on our soil.

I snapped back into the reality only to be faced by the noise and the rush as I stood starkly for my bus. At the tranquil environment on my study, I wondered how all of these were ever possible. The one to answer my question was the answer to everything that made these possible. Our Brain. The tiny, little, obnoxious looking brain that made our lives so easy to live. Sometimes I want to cut one open and learn what mechanism does it exactly follow that makes us versatile enough to play guitar and sing at the same time or drive and talk at the same time or how the human beings have traveled beyond earth and into the space in just 100 years. Our Brain is so puny but yet so complex that if we start researching on it, it will take all our living years but again we cannot imagine the horde of things we are going to find within it.

Medical sciences have reached an unbelievably outstanding level. A few days back, I was caught awestruck as my mouth went wide open when I saw a ‘hand transplant’ operation. The operated man could literally move the hands of the giver that was attached to him. “Is that even possible? Don’t we have nerves and stuff?” was my ambiguous question to myself.

That was one hell of an eye opening, inspirational operation. I learnt one thing for sure, if we are supposed to do something, like studying – the usual problem with us students, we find it boring or hard to do or if we want to achieve something great – again all students wants the best grades, then there is no point in sitting and sulking up all day thinking it’s impossible. If things were impossible, we would be sitting on barren lands right now having fruits instead of pizza, tuberculosis gradually annihilating our species. Life can be ridiculously hard but not impossible. There is no shortcut to hardwork. It’s a god’s way of saying – work hard and I will prove you that ‘impossible’ is just another word on your dictionary.

Chasing your passion.

Have you ever heard of  ‘writers land’? Well, Now if you are wondering if its like the wonderful land of Oz with the angels and wizards and witches and talking toys and talking monkeys, I am afraid to say its not. Its a land full of floating words, accents, grammar, style etcetera etcetera and  those who master them.

There is no hurricane to fly your parachute to this land, There is a mountain that one needs to climb. Someone once told me that there are many ways through the mountain to reach to the top, you choose the path which is usually taken or you create one on your own is upto you. Move along the rough grass, get a few scratches – don’t whine but grin that you are making progress, hold on in the tip of your nail but yes, hold on. Doesn’t matter if you fall, but make sure you get up. Sing along, have fun, have a drink if you feel a little cold, put your jacket on and rest a while. But follow your passion. 

 Knowledge comes from reading and presenting your knowledge in words is true art. The idea of ‘writing’ has always amazed me in every possible way. Language and literature and vast quantity of words merged to form a serene sentence which catches your eye and touches your heart. With a hope I start this blog to chase my passion and share my knowledge with the world and gain some back. Greetings!